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The easy-PFAND loan against collateral – Borrow money quick and easy!

Are you in financial difficulties? Do you need interim finance without creating new debt? We can offer you the opportunity to take the situation into your own hands! Take advantage of our immediate and reliable short-term cash loans, completely devoid of any bureaucratic obstacles or painstaking applications.

Instant cash with a loan against collateral – For peace of mind at your fingertips!

easy-PFAND Hanover’s loans for collateral can open up new opportunities to you to gain control of your financial difficulties. Get an immediate loan within minutes without any painstaking bureaucracy!

  • No hidden costs
  • Instant cash within minutes
  • You receive a legally valid written pledge for the pawn item/s
  • Your possessions are insured with double the collateral value
  • Safekeeping in secure areas

A loan against collateral versus a bank loan – Advantages if you use a pawnshop

At our pawnshop a loan is possible instantaneously and fuss-free. This clearly gives it the edge over bank loans providing valuable emergency relief for severe cash flow needs.

  • Immediate loan
  • Micro-loans are no problem
  • Short repayment periods
  • No creditworthiness checks nor Schufa information required
  • Complete processing at no charge
  • 100% cash payout

What you can advance money on at easy-PFAND

More pawnbroking options, because aside from offering you a loan against your car we also offer you cash for jewellery, gold, top-quality watches and technology!

  • Motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, construction vehicles or machines
  • Precious metals, gemstones, jewellery, watches
  • Television sets, hi-fis, laptops, smartphones
  • and much more ...

easy-PFAND is a good way of getting hold of cash simply. Come and visit us at our pawnshops at 58 Hildesheimer Strasse in Hanover 30169 or at 32 Südring in Bochum 44787. We look forward to your visit.