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Procedure – It’s as easy as pie getting a loan against collateral at Hanover’s easy-PFAND pawnshop

There is a reason why we call ourselves easy-PFAND i.e. easy-PAWN. A loan against collateral is genuinely a very straightforward way of attaining a temporary loan, fast and without any contract traps.

Fast, secure and reliable – Check it out for yourself!

5 steps easy steps to a loan against collateral with easy-PFAND in Hanover:

1. Contractual base:
We need to ensure that you are of full legal age. It is therefore important that you always bring along your ID or passport on a visit to our pawnshop. For advancing money on technology & electronics we additionally require the original packaging, as well as all accessories. In the case of a motor vehicle as a pawn item we always require the vehicle title, the vehicle registration, as well as documents that will play a decisive role in determining the value of the vehicle (e.g. proof of repairs or cheque book).

2. Business hours and appointments:
You can reach us by phone during our business hours alternatively pay us a visit at our pawnshops in the heart of Hanover or Bochum. Special appointments outside our opening hours are also possible by prior arrangement.

3. Evaluation of items money is to be advanced on:
At the easy-PFAND pawnshops you can have money advanced on different vehicles, jewellery, technology, or entertainment electronics. Your appointment for a loan against collateral will always begin with the estimation of the goods to be pawned. In the case of jewellery, gemstones or precious metals we go by the maximum current prices of the different raw materials. In the case of cars, electronics and other articles of daily use, the current market prices, as well as full functionality of the respective articles will be of interest. Your possessions that you are having money advanced on will be in excellent hands at the easy-PFAND pawnshop in Hanover or Bochum. All goods are insured with double the collateral value and are placed in secured areas for safekeeping.

4. Your loan against collateral contract:
With the consent of both parties we will issue you a loan contract. There are no follow-up costs or hidden fees to contend with. You are only paying for services that you are making use of. Goods for which money has been advanced on can be redeemed by you at any time or the contract can be extended after the expiration of the three months.

5. Payout:
With the issuance of the contract you will receive the agreed loan against collateral. You can make use of the monies immediately and in their entirety. The payout takes place 100% in cash.