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easy-PFAND – A good loan against collateral that offers security

When you redeem your wares for which you had money advanced on, we will honour our pledge: With us your belongings are secure and insured. If you have money advanced on wares as a loan against collateral, you are evidently not intending to sell, that is the fundamental nature of this transaction. You only want money advanced on them and at some point you wish to own them again.

With this being the case, it comes as a huge plus when you can depend on a reliable and responsible contract partner like easy-PFAND. Motor vehicles, jewellery or electronics against which money has been advanced are optimally stored at our pawnshops in Hanover and Bochum, or at our warehouses.

Taking a loan against collateral? easy-PFAND’s security will give you peace of mind!

The following applies to all goods:

  • Vaults with alarms and secure warehouses
  • Correct covering to keep out dirt or prevent scratches
  • Insurances up to double the collateral value cover theft, fire and water pipe damages