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The easy-PFAND services package to help you through hard times

You obviously have your reasons for seeking an advance on your finest valuables. We will advance you cash on your jewellery, electronics and similar easily transportable goods directly at our pawnshop in Hanover or Bochum without additional costs.

Services for loans against motor vehicles as collateral

Especially when it comes to the pawnbroking of motor vehicles we will be of assistance to you in the process and help you along with our comprehensive services package:

Collection service
We will gladly collect your motor vehicle using a neutral company vehicle from anywhere throughout Germany. The costs, depending on distance and type of vehicle, are calculated separately. It goes without saying that your vehicle will have full insurance cover during shipment.

Cost-free deregistration
A temporary deregistration will save you the cost of motor vehicle insurance in the case of a longer repayment period of a loan against collateral. We will gladly look after that for you – and to top it all off you are spared the tedious admin.

Vehicle warehousing
Another service we offer is our easy-MOTEL. Here you can store your vehicle if you no longer have space for it at home. If so desired and at additional fee storage in a PermaBag is an option.

Sale of vehicle
In the event that you decide to sell your vehicle during the period of the contract, we will gladly take care of the whole process. You simply need to commission us to sell it and to determine the minimum return on sales to be targeted. We will take care of all the remaining steps for you, from arranging a car valet through to placing advertisements and the sales talk.