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easy-PFAND pawnshops

Here at you will find all the most important information, facts and figures surrounding a loan against collateral with an easy-PFAND pawnshop. You can rest assured that within the framework of the services we offer there are no contract traps or follow-up fees awaiting you.

Even if you would still wish to meet with us personally for a confidential meeting or ask us something on the phone please do not hesitate to approach us with your questions or suggestions! Alternatively come and see us at one of our pawnshops in the heart of either Hanover or Bochum.

Where are our pawnshops located?

tl_files/ Hanover and Bochum

tl_files/ vehicle pawnshop Hemmingen (by appointment only)

Arriving by public transport

You can reach us with the light rail systems 1, 2 and 8 between the Schlägerstrasse and Geibelstrasse stops.