Immediate loan for watches

Top-quality watches can help you overcome financial difficulties quickly and simply. At easy-PFAND we will instantly pay you out a loan against collateral in cash in either Hanover or Bochum, without requiring credit information from Schufa, the German credit reference agency, or further securities!

Loan for electronics

Computers and smartphones, hi-fis and television sets can bring you quick cash at easy-PFAND. With us your devices are in good hands and can be redeemed by you at any time.

Instant cash for gold & jewellery

Turn your jewellery into money quickly and simply at our pawnshop in Hanover or Bochum. Either as a loan against collateral or through gold and diamond jewellery purchases at maximum current prices.

Get through a financial squeeze

In urgent need of instant cash? Then the easy-PFAND outlets in Hanover and Bochum which offer loans against motor vehicles are your answer. With us you will receive equitable conditions for your vehicle and we guarantee you the fast, secure and reliable processing of the loan against collateral.

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Hanover 0511 - 98 43 59 69 | Bochum 0234 - 91 17 57 90 | WhatsApp 0174 - 52 64 304

Hanover pawnshop

Your path to uncomplicated interim financing:
easy-PFAND Leihhaus, Hildesheimer Strasse 58, 30169 Hanover.
(Parking available in the courtyard)

Bochum pawnshop

Instant cash! Now also in Bochum:
easy-PFAND Leihhaus, Südring 32, 44787 Bochum.

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