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Advancing money on jewellery is easy with easy-PFAND – Get hard cash instantaneously for gold, watches & Co.

Your pieces of jewellery can prove to be of particular significance during financial difficulties. With easy-PFAND you have the opportunity to turn them into money temporarily through a pawnshop.

We can advance you money on the following pieces of jewellery:

  • Gold, silver and other precious metals
  • Gemstones
  • Watches, chains, earrings
  • Coins

At easy-PFAND the focus is very customer-orientated when purchasing gold and jewellery. Thanks to our pawnshop you can still get your cash flow running today and solve any urgent financial problems.

Advancing money on jewellery at the easy-PFAND pawnshop in Hanover - This is how it works:

1. When you visit our pawnshop:
Bring with you your ID card and the jewellery pieces or valuables you wish to have a money advance on to our pawnshop. You can visit us during office hours or in a particularly urgent case where personal interim financing is needed you can also phone us to arrange a special appointment.

2. What are the conditions for advancing money on jewellery?
First of all we undertake the evaluation of the jewellery and authenticate it. In the valuation we strictly adhere to the current stock market values of the precious metals the jewellery is made of, or to current market prices of the products.

3. A loan against collateral within minutes!
It only takes a few minutes and you’ll receive a legally valid written pledge for the pawn item/s, as well as the cash advance agreed to. There are no hidden costs or undesirable follow-up fees.

4. Payout:
On completion of the written pledge you will receive your money instantaneously without any complications. You can make 100% use of the cash immediately!

What makes the Hanover pawnshop iconic is its reliability plus its smooth, non-bureaucratic execution procedure in a contemporary setting:

  • Your pieces of jewellery, precious metals or gemstones are safe with us and insured for double their collateral value
  • No hidden costs or follow-up contracts
  • With us you can extend your loan contract at any time
  • We guarantee total repayment periods of four months
  • Loans made without requiring credit information from Schufa, the German credit reference agency
  • Proof of income not necessary
  • No creditworthiness application
  • No new debt is created

Come and visit our pawnshop in Hanover now or check out easy-PFAND online to take advantage of the benefits of advancing money on your jewellery, providing you with instantaneous cash while you can redeem your pawn item again later on. Cash flow made quick and easy!