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Financial freedom without taking a roundabout route

Are you in need of a bigger cash sum? We can help you find a way out of your debt trap fast and discreetly with an easy-PFAND loan against your motor vehicle as collateral with up to 80 % of traders’ purchase price according to the online assessment of used cars fixed in the DAT/ Schwacke list.

We can advance money on the following vehicles:

  • Passenger vehicles, convertibles, four-by-fours
  • Scooters, motorbikes, quads, karts
  • RVs, caravans
  • Transporters, Unimogs, lorries or trucks
  • Utility vehicles, minibuses
  • Construction vehicles or machines, agricultural implements
  • Installations, engines
  • Trailerable boats

We will also compile tailor-made offers without obligation for classic or vintage cars even without DAT listing, as well as other vehicles and portions of your vehicle fleet.

Advancing money on motor vehicles at the easy-PFAND pawnshop in Hanover – This is how it works:

1. Contractual basis:
You must be the owner of the vehicle and 18 years of age or older. Aside from the vehicle you must bring with you the vehicle title, the vehicle registration, your ID card. Documents that will play a decisive role in determining the value of the vehicle (e.g. proof of repairs or cheque book) should also accompany these.

2. Appointments:
You can reach us by phone any time during business hours. Special appointments outside our opening hours are also possible by prior arrangement.

3. Assessment of your motor vehicle:
Your vehicle will be assessed according to the valid DAT estimation list and personal appraisal from a motor vehicle expert. The value of classic or vintage cars without a DAT listing can also be estimated and assessed.

4. Processing completed within 30 minutes:
You will receive from us a pawn ticket/legally valid written pledge for the pawned item/s. Charges to 80 % of the value of your motor vehicle can be advanced on the vehicle.

5. Payout:
You can make use of the full loan amount immediately. There are no hidden costs or fees. You are in effect only paying for services that you are making use of.

Our Hanover pawnshop guarantees you a non-bureaucratic and fast execution procedure:

Our non-bureaucratic service makes it possible for you to have cash on hand within 30 minutes. The decision on the type of loan and amount desired is made by us instantaneously – and the payout is in cash and immediate:

  • without making any Schufa enquiries
  • without proof of income
  • without financial information
  • without creditworthiness checks
  • without creditworthiness application
  • without processing backlogs and annoying red tape
  • without creating new debt

Your short-term contract repayment period is initially three months. You can obviously redeem your pawn item or extend the contract at any time. Aside from the legally valid written pledge for the pawn items a handover report with all the important information on your vehicle is compiled (appearing in the records for example is the mileage and documentation you have supplied us with).

Your vehicle is insured with us for double its collateral value and is warehoused in secure halls.

And last but not least, our comprehensive service package is designed to make life easy for you too. We will gladly look after the temporary deregistration of your vehicle in the case of longer warehousing. On redeeming your vehicle, we offer a car wash free of charge.