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Fast, discreet and optimally insured – easy-PFAND the electronics pawnshop

easy-PFAND in Hanover is a straightforward pawnshop for high quality technology and electronics if you are looking at ways to come to urgent money. When financial problems demand it, it can sometimes become necessary to be in a position to react immediately with a loan.

We can advance money on the following technology:

  • Television sets, CD/DVD players, recorders
  • Hi-fis, speakers, mixing consoles
  • Tablet computer, laptops, PCs
  • Consoles, smartphones, fitness equipment

No doubt your high-quality electronic devices are very close to your heart. It is for this reason that we take heart giving you a reliable and secure option of a loan against collateral and with it instantaneous cash flow.

Advance money on technology at the easy-PFAND pawnshop in Hanover - This is how it works:

1. When you visit our pawnshop:
For pawnbroking the quick and easy way, visit us directly at our pawnshop in Hanover. You’ll find our opening hours on the right edge of the screen. Special appointments can also be arranged outside opening hours on request. Bring with you your ID card and the pawn item/s with the original packaging, as well as all accessories.

2. This is how we determine the value of your goods:
The first step we take is to estimate the value of your electronic and technical products. To this end we test the working order of the devices. Next in the value categorisation we orientate ourselves by current market prices.

3. Quick and easy processing:
We record the pawn item/s in a legally valid written pledge and the cash sum to be paid out. After only a few minutes you will receive your contract and your instant loan. All this takes place without any bureaucratic obstacles, hidden costs or undesirable follow-up fees.

4. Payout:
You can make 100% use of the loan immediately, since this is paid out directly in cash!

Fast and seamless procedure guaranteed at our Hanover pawn shop:

  • Fair price calculation based on current market prices
  • A loan within minutes, without any Schufa, financial or income information
  • Your devices are covered and securely stored in our vault
  • Everything is insured with double the collateral value
  • Guaranteed total repayment period of four months

Your written pledge for the pawn item/s with the easy-PFAND pawnshop in Hanover initially has a repayment period of three months. You can either redeem your pawn item/s again at any time or extend the contract.